Sunday, 28 July 2013

Bikini Time!

B I K I N I. // H&M

I went in search for a new summer bikini this week ready for my spa day next month and found the most perfect one in H&M. A beautiful unique green one with a fantastic tye-dye pattern, so I ran to the counter and bought it! 

Obviously, me being me, I couldn't choose between the two tops so bought them both! They are both lovely and unique in their own way, the tassels on the classic top gives it a boho feel yet the bandeau gives the swimwear a whole different glam rock look and is perfect for sunbathing. I think the lovely greens in the pattern of the bikini are perfect for summer and give the whole bikini a summery tropical feel. This is definitely my favourite bikini I have bought in a long time, I mean who could resist it?!

The only little issue I had when buying the bikini tops were the sizing - the sizes are so small! Being only a UK size 6 in almost everything I thought a size 8 would bury me, but I couldn't have been more wrong. I am so glad that I decided to try the bikini tops on in store as I ended up buying a UK 10 for the bandeau and a UK 12 for the tassel style top! I really was not expecting to have that much of a leap from my usual size, especially to say how petite I am. However, the bikini bottoms I purchased were in a UK 8 so they were a perfect fit for my frame. I'm just glad I could buy the items separately, it would have been a nightmare to buy them as a set all in the same size!

A few of you will probably recognise the bikini from Beyoncé's gorgeous campaign ad's for H&M this summer which you can read all about it here. The whole collection is fantastic, especially the swimwear so it really is worth a look! I also love that H&M have teamed up with WWF this summer to set new standards for water stewardship in the fashion industry. It's amazing to think how important water is in fashion, an incredible amount of water is used throughout the life of garment, from growing cotton to making fabrics and finally washing our clothes at home. Therefore, H&M have decided to donate 25% of the price paid for items in the water collection for projects that will support sustainable water resources for the environment and people. I respect H&M's decision on donating money to help the industry, I think it shows how much they care for not only the environment but the future of fashion too.

If you would like to know more about this topic in much more detail you can see it all on their website here.

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Do you like Beyonce's swimwear range at H&M? Has anyone else had problems with the fittings?


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    1. Me too! I love tye-dye patterns this summer, especially on this bikini! :) x