Monday, 9 September 2013

My week in pictures.. # 1

1. // Moon hug 2. // H&M's cutest cat dress 3. // I've finally bought myself 4. // My perfect red lipstick day 5. // Marks and Spencer's yummy Teriyaki beef salad bites for lunch 6. // Testing out my new leather effect nail varnish (review soon) 7. // OOTD for work 8. // Monochrome portrait 

I love using Instagram (@_jahar) to show my life in photographs, it's amazing how you can see users personalities through their wonderful photos. I've decided every Sunday I'm going to share my past week on my blog using my Instagram photos and write a little about what I've been doing as I'd love for you all to know more about me!

I've been working a few more hours this week so I've been addicted to my MUA shade 13 lipstick as it lasts all day, which is perfect for my 8 hour shifts! If you haven't tried this lipstick you really should, the longevity is amazing especially for the £1 price tag! (You can read my review here

I've been wanting a comfortable, reliable, casual shoe for months and months, a pair that I can just put on for anywhere so I treated myself to my first pair of Nike Air's! They are the Nike Air 1 in black and club pink, I must admit I'm not used to wearing this style of shoe but they really are so incredibly comfy and that's exactly what I wanted! I can't wait to write a review on them for you to read!

I hope you have all had a wonderful week! 

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