Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Estee Lauder advanced night repair eye

 Estee Lauder advanced night repair eye

Recently the skin around my eyes have become very dry, and my eyes are looking more and more tired due to the dark circles and puffiness. I always use my facial moisturiser morning and night and I have been using more so because of my dry eyes. I decided that I needed something stronger to help so took a trip to Debenhams and looked at the different counters. Being a Clinique girl, using their 3 step face routine and foundation I thought I would step out of my comfort zone and try a different brand to help with this problem. 

I picked up this advanced night repair eye serum from Estee Lauder (free gift sample with purchase) and was told by the lady on the counter that I should see results in 3 days if I use it morning and night. So I did just this, I used it morning and night for 3 days, and she was right. I did notice good results! Ok, my dark circles didn't completely disappear but my eyes were noticeably healthier looking with less puffiness and I seemed to look more awake. As for my dry skin, that more or less completely cleared up after about a week of using the repair serum. I really am impressed with this product, the serum is kind to my sensitive skin, rubs into my skin beautifully and smells delightful! After 2 weeks of using the eye cream my eyes look healthier and more awake than ever, I now have faint dark circles, no puffiness and no dryness - thank you Estee Lauder!

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  1. I've been curious about the EL Advanced Night Repair Eye and Serum for a while! Will have to give it a go once my current eye cream runs out. :)