Friday, 11 October 2013

How to maintain vibrant red hair! (Ion colour protect for red hair)

Shampoo. // Ion colour protect shampoo for red hair
Conditioner. // Ion colour protect conditioner for red hair

Since having my hair dyed red 5 months ago, I've had a roller coaster adventure trying to find the perfect shampoo and conditioner duo to maintain my bright red hair! I've tried so many different standard 'colour protect' shampoos (which worked for me when I used to have purple and blonde hair) but all of them seemed to strip out my red colour and make it really dull! However, I have finally found the perfect set that barely fades my hair at all, I am so impressed that I just had to share them with you! These are actually my second set of bottles, the first set worked absolute wonders for my hair so I just had to buy more!

The shampoo is a diluted red colour, which helps to seal the red hair dye. I usually wash my hair twice with the shampoo to give my hair a good wash, and there's no need to worry that I'm stripping the colour out by washing it, it's a gentle cleanser! When rinsing the shampoo out the water is a red tinted colour, but don't worry this is just the shampoo being washed out not your wonderful red hair colour! I then apply a 50p sized blog of conditioner all over my hair then another small 1p sized blog concentrating on the ends of my hair healing my split ends. My hair loves the products I have healthy, super soft, delicious smelling hair!:

Another tip, is try not to wash your hair too much. My hair can usually last 5 days before it needs washing again, sometimes even a week! Just use dry shampoo inbetween washes to freshen your hair up!


  1. I'd love to dye my hair a nice vibrant red but I just don't have the guts!! Your hair is beautiful! You pull off red so well


    1. You'd look great with bright hair! You do really suit blonde though :) Aww thank you!! I do like having red hair :) xx

  2. I wish I knew about these products when I had red hair! I might've kept it longer if it weren't such a hassle to keep the colour vibrant!
    Red hair suits you! :)

    1. Thank you! Oh no, really? It must be down to the shampoo, conditioner and other products you were using! I love your hair now! :) xx