Monday, 4 November 2013

Soap and Glory Archery (Love is blonde + Brownie points)

Soap and Glory. // Archery brow tint

I love love love trying out new eyebrow products as I'm always on the look out for anything that will make my brows look that little bit more noticeable. My eyebrows are naturally almost invisible as they are so fair so I love to emphasise them. 

I have always been used to using pencils to fill my eyebrows in but throughout the day they just seem to crumble and make my filled in eyebrows looks so un natural which is not the look I want! Boots have a 3 for 2 offer on at the minute across all makeup so I decided to treat my eyebrows to something new. I found myself looking at the Soap and Glory stand as I've had a few of their products before and have not yet been disappointed, and picked up the Archery double ended pen and pencil. On one end the nib is like a felt tip pen and glides beautifully across your eyebrow and the other end is a soft pencil in the same shade. I bought both colours 'Love is Blonde' and 'Brownie Points' as I like to mix and match which colour to do my eyebrows each day depending on how much eye make up I am wearing. 

I have took photos of my eyebrows with no product on one side and then the other side I have used Brownie points to fill in the brow. The last 2 photos show both of my brows filled in with brownie points. There really isn't a massive difference between the colours, if you are very fair skinned and you don't like your eyebrows too noticeable go for Love is Blonde. But if you like your eyebrows to stand out then I would definitely recommend Brownie points! The brow tints are priced at £10 each so it is a little more expensive than your drugstore brands however not too high end. I personally don't mind paying this as they really are worth the money as they give me extremely precise, perfect, fuller looking brows!

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Saturday, 2 November 2013

My week in pictures.. # 6

1. // My London Serco competition screen print  2. // Good Morning! 3. // I transformed myself into a skeleton for halloween 4. // London Serco drawings 5. // Mixing paint for my screen prints 6. // Love my new burgundy Casio watch! 7. // I have my fire hair back! 8. // Leggings for my halloween costume 9. // Va va violet lipstick 10. // 12 hours later the human pineapple doesn't want to paint anymore 11. // Opera lady is almost complete! 12. // An audience for an opera drawings

Hello!! It's been almost a week since I last posted on my blog!! I have been swept into a whirlwind of chaos this week with my university deadlines. But I've finally finished my screen print for the London Serco competition which I have decided to enter through the AOI (Association Of Illustrators)

I had a fantastic halloween, I really do love going out and seeing everyone make an effort to dress up, the costumes are so imaginative! I decided to go as a skeleton this year so bought some suspender skeleton leggings from Love clothing (here) and then I painted my face and chest which surprisingly took me just under an hour. What do you think?

I've been shopping this week so I have lots of things to blog about and share with you. I can't wait to get started again, I have some real treats to show you!

I hope you have all had a fantastic week and an extra spooky halloween! I would love to see some of your outfits and face paint so feel free to comment at the bottom!